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Mar 12, 2018. Write a novel its on many peoples bucket lists, but how does one even begin such a mammoth task? How long does it really take and how many rejections do you face before someone is willing to speak to you? How is it even possible when you work a nine to five? Authors often relay retrospectively. Every writers story begins with a simple realisation I want to write a book. Writing a novel is challenging, though. Simplify your writing process with. How to Start a Novel Right 5 Great Tips. By. theres very little readers need to know about our characters history and. Answers to Your Novel Writing. Sep 9, 2014. Of the six novels Ive written in my life, two have been published. Ive heard writers say that you have to relearn how to write a novel every time you do it, which I think is true in some ways, but there are some basic guidelines that can help you find your wayand novice-type pitfalls that you can avoid.

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