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Whats the right printing terminology for glossy and matt?. Within the heading of coated paper and card are gloss art, silk art and. (so you can still write. Machine coated, Paper that has the coating applied whilst it is still on the paper machine, All types of coloured print. Silk or silk matt finished papers, Like matt finished coated paper the surface is smooth but without reflections, which means that it combines high readability with high image quality, Product Booklets and.

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May 28, 2011. Matte Paper. Matte Paper looks dull and lusterless. It is used in industry to produce good quality prints but it doesnt have a vibrant colour finish. Matte paper is not glossy and therefore finger marks or glare from the. Silk coating produces a result somewhere between matte coated paper and glossy paper. Apr 17, 2013. The most typical and most popular paper for printing is art print paper (coated paper) which is available in a matt or gloss finish.. The production of matt, silk-matt and glossy coated paper results in improved coordination of the characteristics of the paper for the respective print product and for its later use.