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In a 4-part series for The Economist on getting into a top b-school, Fortuna Admissions focuses on positioning your candidacy, GPA, GMAT and the MBA resume. Jan 4, 2013. The top schools want to know who you are, and statistics and a rsum dont tell them that. Its the essays, interviews, and recommendations that ultimately reveal the person beyond the paper. Compelling essays, recommendations, and interviews can provide context for a low GMAT score or GPAbut the. should you put your GPA on your resume? Do GPAs even matter, or is the degree the only important thing? Can a bad GPA hurt your chances of getting hired? The average GPA of Columbia applicants is 3.49 while the GPA for those admitted is almost. MBA Admissions Process Components. GMAT. Resume. Recommendations.

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Applying to business school with a low GMAT score or GPA?. Related searches for Gpa Mba Resume Pagination. 1. Here are 11 resume Education sections that have MBAs in them. Some list relevant course study, awards, theses, internships, and.