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Jan 6, 2016. Help your resume stand out from the crowd by adding unique visuals.. A new way to make your resume stand out without going out of your way creatively is by creating links within information. For example, you can link to previous work that youve done by inserting hyperlinks. You can also use this as a. What do you want to gain from adding a link to your LinkedIn profile? Work history? That should be on your resume. It wouldnt matter if your technical skills on your resume are lacking, but might help if it was a borderline case. Add Your LinkedIn Profile. In its place, add a link to your LinkedIn profile, as well as any other relevant social media handles (Twitter if its professional, Instagram or Flickr if youre applying to social media or creative positions). Caveat Never include Facebook, no matter how clean you keep it. Dont want to drop your whole. Adding your LinkedIn Profile URL to Your Resume and E-Mail Signature can make you more memorable to. We strictly offer programs to help our customers learn how to.

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Whether or not you put your LinkedIn URL on your resume, hiring managers will search for you on LinkedIn. It is therefore essential that you have a LinkedIn profile and that it is written to impress. My LinkedIn e-book, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile And 18 Mistakes to Avoid will help you craft a profile that keeps. Its called Resume Assistant, and it was created to help Office 365 subscribers craft. when you follow a link from Word. Add 3D to your PowerPoint.